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EverQuest reduces downtime with faster patches and expanded hotfixes


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While behind-the-scenes logistical tweaks may not get the glory that other news does, they can and do have a huge impact on the game. This looks to be the case with EverQuest, which has undergone "substantial server side changes" to allow the team to update the game more efficiently.

The bottom line is that now Sony Online Entertainment can apply EverQuest updates much more quickly than before while reducing the potential for issues to pop up during file transfers. As a result, players should be seeing reduced downtime in the future during these updates.

The changes have also expanded the team's ability to apply hotfixes on the servers without bringing them down for patches: "While we still aren't able to hotfix everything, the hope is this will reduce the number of times we have to bring the servers down between our regular monthly updates."

You can read the full notice at EverQuest Players.

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