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Crowded chaos, injuries at SanLiTun Apple Store in Beijing


It's hard to tell exactly what went down, but it can't have been good: 9to5Mac relays pictures and reporting from Mychinaviews and that some sort of disturbance/riot took place at the SanLiTun Apple Store in Beijing, China -- seemingly as a result of incredible demand during the China iPad 2 launch, although it's not certain.

The translated MacX story suggests that the crowd of would-be customers in front of the store got a bit out of hand, and that a 'foreign employee' attacked the crowd with a piece of steel rebar or a similar instrument.

Photos purporting to show the aftermath of the incident have a broken glass storefront and several injured people; we're reaching out to Apple for comment, and we'll see if there are any more detailed on-scene reports.

If you or someone you know is near the SanLiTun store, head on over and let us know what's going on via our feedback form or Twitter.