Infinity Blade 'Arena' update adds multiplayer, survivor modes this Thursday

The next big content update for Chair Entertainment's epic iOS sword battler, Infinity Blade, comes out swinging this Thursday, May 19. By far the most notable addition, the new Arena Mode introduces 1v1 multiplayer combat via Game Center.

Also making the cut is Survivor Mode, which challenges players to last as long as possible in an endless gauntlet of Titan battles. A variety of new weapons and items are also being introduced, including special holiday-themed helms. Finally, Infinity Blade will gain Facebook integration with the update, enabling players to take and share screenshots of their characters through a streamlined process.

The "Arena" update will be free of charge and, if past Thursday releases on the App Store are any indication, will actually roll out in North America this Wednesday night around 11:30PM ET.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.