RPGs that have no chance of being localized are the hot new thing for Nintendo fans, right? Well, this one's very unlikely to make it over. Metal Max 2 was originally released on Super Famicom by Data East, and is now being ported to DS. The post-apocalyptic mech RPG is being remade in the style of Metal Max 3, its DS sequel ... which was never released here. The new version is called Metal Max 2 Reloaded, according to Famitsu leaks.

You might actually be familiar with the series: one of the games, a PS2 entry, was localized by Atlus as Metal Saga. All of the games are open-ended, mission-based RPGs, in which players choose missions to complete in the order of their choice, as a team of mechanics, soldiers, bounty hunters, and robodogs.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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