Above is a quick video demo for a game concept called Recall built by a South Korean game developer named Jaewoo Jay Jeon. The intriguing video offers up time-based first-person gameplay in a 3D world. The basic idea seems to be that you can "record" the world and your movement, and then fast-forward, rewind, or pause or play back that recording, affecting either your own character, or various objects in the world around you.

That lets you do things like freeze time to hold blocks in place that can be used as platforms, or run a few different versions of yourself around a map, Braid-style. The last room in the demo shows the player recording just a moment, moving away from that point, and then playing it back quickly, warping the player past a dangerous barrier.

It's smart stuff, though obviously this is just a concept of a work in progress, and not actually a commercial game yet. Still, we've seen great games come from humble beginnings before -- could this be another Portal in the making?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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