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Today's Breakfast Topic is going to be very open, and I'm sure its comments will be extremely hectic ... so let's dig in! What would you like to see implemented in World of Warcraft? Anything. Anything. I'm not asking which achievements you think Blizzard should add, what mounts should come next, or what new abilities you would like to see (though you're entirely welcome to share those.) I am asking the very open and simple question: What would you like to see implemented in World of Warcraft? Period.

I understand this is a huge and potentially disastrously complex question, so maybe I'll get you guys started off. I would like to see a vanity/cosmetic set appearance tab. I would like to see a title for having 40+ titles (as seen in my first-ever Breakfast Topic.) I would like to see more gold sinks and more passenger mounts!

Share your ideas! What would you like to see implemented? Achievements? Mounts? Titles? Pets? Abilities? Weapons? Armor? Graphics? Professions? Monsters? Bosses? Raids? Zones? Items? Roleplaying aids? A new system? Races? Classes? Anything! It doesn't have to be on that list. Simply post your heart's desire about the #1 thing you think Blizzard should add to its already huge and open-ended World of Warcraft.

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