Exploring the design of the newest City of Heroes powerset

The hero is flying because time... yeah, you get the idea.
Is time on your side? Well, it will be for City of Heroes players who choose to take advantage of the upcoming Temporal Manipulation powerset, which launches alongside the free-to-play conversion later this year. But some pretty visuals alone don't make for a compelling new powerset, which is why players will no doubt be happy to see the recent rundown of the abilities within the set as well as the rationale behind each of the given powers.

As Temporal Manipulation is a set for Defenders, Corruptors, and Controllers, it's no surprise that there's a solid mix of debuffs and buffs for players to explore. In addition, Temporal Manipulation allows players to juggle a specific set of buffs and debuffs, with certain powers Delaying enemies or Accelerating allies and certain other powers having additional effects on those who are Delayed or Accelerated. The document also contains advice for players once the powers go live -- a bit far in the future, perhaps, but this would be the set where that's appropriate.
This article was originally published on Massively.