On Monday, NPD announced it was partnering with EEDAR to extend its retail research reports to the digital domain. Today, having braved the great digital divide, the New York-based company announced it was ready to brave another, less digital divide: the Atlantic Ocean. Beginning with Q4 2011 sales, NPD will offer a version of its "Games Industry: Total Consumer Spend" service that tracks "consumer spending for games content" across Europe's "largest video game markets," meaning UK, France, and Germany.

While companies like Chart-Track already provide retail insight in the UK, NPD says its "service in Europe will focus on measuring channels that are not currently tracked in Europe – namely those occurring outside of new physical retail sales." Why look at digital in Europe? We bet NPD industry analyst Anita Frazier has a great answer for that. "The new digital distribution channels in video games are not country specific," Frazier told a press release. "They are global in nature, which is why NPD is taking its proven, proprietary methodology, developed over a number of years, and applying it to a global perspective."

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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