Now if only it would specify that this was its second request to drop the weapon.
If you're not one of the lucky people who got in to our Bounty Hounds Online beta giveaway, you might be sitting around wishing for another dose of the game's visual style. It's certainly a rarity to see the sort of heavily mechanized futuristic setting that the game puts forth, after all. But you're in luck -- there's a new trailer available that shows off more of the gameplay as well as several of the game's mechanized companions.

Highlighting several mercenaries going toe-to-toe with an enormous walking tank, the trailer shows off some of the game's promised action and versatility, complete with transforming animal companions and a whole lot of firepower. Players will be taking part in the clean-up operation on a planet at the heart of an interstellar war, with other mercenaries acting as simultaneous allies and threats. Check the trailer just past the break for a fresh helping of science fiction action in all its screaming explosive glory.

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