So, you've done the deed. You've purchased an HP TouchPad, despite having no intentions whatsoever to do so just a week ago. But hey -- a $400 discount can change perceptions. Now that you've got one (or have one en route), we're curious to know what you plan on doing with it. We've heard such far-flung ideas as using it as a digital photo frame, keeping it wrapped up for eBaying in 2049 or just stashing it nearby for those late-night couch surfing sessions. The future of webOS development may be lost (at least on these consumer devices), but there's still fun to be had with a hundred-dollar tablet. Share amongst yourselves in comments below -- we could all stand to hear a tip or two!
What do you plan to do with your closeout TouchPad?
Digital photo frame, for sure.2717 (3.1%)
Use it for what it is intended, duh!12827 (14.8%)
Couch surfing, hombre.16197 (18.7%)
In-flight entertainment!1815 (2.1%)
My own 'Will it blend?' episode!2098 (2.4%)
Confession: I'm giving it to my kid.1658 (1.9%)
Confession: I'm giving it away as a gift.1988 (2.3%)
Quite frankly, I have no idea.10041 (11.6%)
I missed out on the deal, or never actually wanted in. So sue me.37067 (42.9%)