Sato: 'If' Sega localizes Yakuza: Of the End, it will have new controls

Daisuke Sato, director of Binary Domain and Yakuza 3, wouldn't say whether or not Sega had any plans to release the team's previous shooter, the very weird Yakuza: Of the End, in America and Europe. But he offered a hypothetical that suggested that, at least, the thought has come up.

When asked about how Binary Domain compares to Yakuza: Of the End (and indirectly to other shooters), Sato said "For the western version of Yakuza: Of the End -- if that's going to happen, then we will tweak the controls, to be closer to other western shooting franchises." Not when, if. Sato wouldn't elaborate on whether or not there were actual plans.

The odds are in favor of it: every Yakuza game has been localized, with the exception of the samurai spinoff Yakuza Kenzan.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.