Newest version update lands for Final Fantasy XI

Yes, I know, this is Abyssea.  I'd like to thank Square for making all of its official screenshots of the game at what I can only assume is meant as a mobile resolution.
It's time for players to advance once again in the latest update to Final Fantasy XI. Another increase to the game's level cap has gone live with this patch, with the new cap set to 95, just a stone's throw away from the promised height of 99. But the addition of the newer cap and all that it entails isn't the only thing of note with this update, which includes new battlefields, the next installment in the Voidwatch battles, and of course a plethora of new items and balance tweaks.

Along with those major changes comes a host of smaller updates, including a long list of items that can be sent through the mail to other characters on the same account and the addition of Grounds of Valor tomes to several areas previously lacking them. Dynamis has also received another pass of updates, up to and including the option for players to resell any timeless hourglasses they no longer have a use for. It's a good day to be a Final Fantasy XI player, even if waiting for the update to download might feel like an eternity.
This article was originally published on Massively.