You're cruisin' in your sweet ride when all of a sudden you realize exactly what your set of wheels is missing: Webtop. While the vast majority of us may shrug off the thought, convincing ourselves that our 3.5mm jack or cassette player is plenty to keep us mindlessly entertained through the morning commute, one man with the know-how dared to be different. All of that blazing-fast LTE pumping out of his Droid Bionic was being wasted, after all, so why not outfit his car's AV setup with Webtop and HDMI mirroring capabilities to blast Netflix on his dash and multiple screens in the back for the kiddies? It's a clever mod, but we don't condone the use of Netflix whilst driving, of course; just keep the movies out of sight, please. Head to the source link for the full step-by-step.