The ballad of FurnitureNPC is even longer than that of Captain Placeholder.
Conquer Online took the step toward cross-platform play options not so long ago with the release of a Mac client, but it's moving forward yet again. The game is going to be launching on the iPad as well in the very near future, complete with a touch-based interface and all of the game's existing free-to-play content. While the iPad has seen its share of MMO-style games since its introduction, this is the first time an established game has been ported over to the platform.

And make no mistake, there are a lot of features available to players, as evidenced by the game guide for players planning on moving in to the iPad version. Take a look past the cut for a trailer previewing the gameplay and mechanics on the tablet, and keep your eyes peeled for the exact release date. It's not quite the World of Warcraft demo someone managed to run on the iPad a few years back, but it's still quite interesting.

[Source: Press release]

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