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Square Enix setting price paradigms on the Vita, close to PSP game prices

Square Enix has announced the price of one of its launch titles for the PS Vita, Army Corps of Hell: The packaged version of the game will hit store shelves for ¥4,980, while the game's downloadable version will cost ¥3,990. Those prices may sound a little high when converted to America-bucks ($64 and $51, respectively), but they fall right in line with the standard PSP game price of ¥4,800, which is similarly decreased for downloadable PSP titles.

We're hoping that the standard price for PS Vita games comes in closer to this price point than the one set by Nippon Ichi, which is charging ¥6,090 for Disgaea 3 Return. (You don't even want us to convert that to dollars. It would probably just make you sad.)

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