Jump into Recursive Colony with a free booster code from Massively and Global Agenda! [Updated]

Global Agenda
Global Agenda's Recursive Colony expansion has been up and running for a few weeks now, and if you didn't get in right away, you might think it's too late to catch up.

In the spirit of "it's never too late," we've partnered with Hi-Rez Studios to offer you just the thing to bring you up to speed: booster codes! When applied to your account, booster codes give you double XP, tokens, and credits as well as apply 2,000 tokens to your account every day. Booster codes can be purchased in the Global Agenda store, but we've got some free three-day codes here.

[Update: To apply your code, type "/claimpromotion" in-game rather than applying the code on the Global Agenda site.]

This article was originally published on Massively.