EVE Online - space station
GameSpot has a new interview with EVE Online lead designer Kristoffer Touborg, and though it's a bit dated (it was conducted at last week's GDC, and obviously prior to yesterday's layoff announcement), it still features some interest nuggets relating to EVE and its immediate future.

In terms of CCP's bread-and-butter spaceship gameplay, Touborg confirms what all the company dev blogs have been saying lately, which is that EVE's flying-in-space elements are once again the top priority. "The number of people working on things related to flying in space has probably tripled, so we are ready to start delivering a load of content," he says.

The interview also touches on EVE's payment model, and specifically, why CCP has resisted the urge to jump on the free-to-play bandwagon. "We are a really healthy, subscriber-based game," Touborg says. "Does that mean we will be a subscriber-based game in five or 10 years? Maybe not, but as it currently stands, we have 400,000 subscribers, and there's really no reason to turn that bucket upside-down."

This article was originally published on Massively.