Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me find Spotlight items in the Finder

Dear Aunt TUAW,

There's plenty I like about Lion - but lots of pointless change for the worse. Top of my hate list is that Spotlight no longer gives me the location of the items I'm searching for. Sure, the preview on cursor hover is nifty, but why oh why can't Spotlight give me (for example) the location of a long-lost document that's become embedded in multiple folders, the way it did in Snow Leopard ?

Can Aunty help find a solution ?

Your loving nephew,

Jack, Cheltenham, UK

Dear Jack,

Use your up and down arrows to navigate through the Spotlight results list. (Do not click on items, that will open them). When the highlight is over the item you want, press Command-Enter.


Auntie T.

p.s. Thanks Uncle Brett

This article was originally published on Tuaw.