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Perfect Photo editor for iPhone is free this weekend

Mel Martin

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Perfect Photo is a photo editor for the iPhone that was easily worth the US$2 asking price, but this weekend you can grab it for free.

Perfect Photo has 28 tools including red-eye removal and a capable healing brush. There are the usual cropping, saturation, sharpen and shadows tools. The sharpen tool is particularly nice because it splits the screen and shows before and after images.

The app also includes filters to posterize your images, or make them look like pencil sketches or vintage photos. You can take pictures from within the app, save them to your photo album, or share via email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr.

I took the app for a spin and found that everything worked quickly and reliably. I did notice that the top resolution supported, 2592x2592, falls short of the 3264x2448 resolution that the iPhone 4S provides. The developers say the app will be updated to support the higher iPhone 4S image quality.

There are some other negatives as well. The app has some ads, which in a normally paid app is not cool. Also, while the effects are being rendered, the app displays some educational trivia about nature and other topics. I guess it is supposed to occupy you while a filter is being applied, but I'd like the option to turn it off. I also would like a frames option, which would enhance some photos that you want to share.

I think the Perfect Photo is a worthwhile tool. I'd like to see this app lose the ads, but as it is I think it's far more capable than the photo tools Apple added to iOS5.

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