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Amidio debuts Songineer - Instant Composer for the iPhone


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Amidio, makers of mobile music creation apps like Seline HD, have released Songineer, a scale-based sequencer to help you create and generate melodic sound and groove while on the move.

Featuring a drum machine with 5 drumkits, a beat randomizer, 20 instruments, a DNA keyboard (which means you never hit a wrong note), on-board FX and easy recording / editing , Songineer has all the tools you need to create and compose your next big hit. And if you do happen to find you need to expand the sample library, there are more instrument and drum packs available through in-app purchase. Once you've completed a song simply export it as a MIDI file, .WAV, .M4A or multi-track dry .WAV file.

If the idea of layering beats and grooves down while capturing that perfect hook over the top appeals, all from your iPhone or iPod touch, Songineer (US$1.99) is probably right up your music-making street.

Check out this video below of Songineer in action.

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