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GOG cutting the prices of most games in half, giving Witcher with Witcher 2 purchase

Classic game distributor (and CD Projekt portal) GOG isn't one to be left out of the holiday discount phenomenon. The site revealed its sales plans for the rest of the month, including a free copy of The Witcher with Witcher 2 downloads, and a 50 percent discount on "virtually" its whole catalog.

  • Buy The Witcher 2 ($23.99, down from $39.99), get a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. (Deal available for 48 hours starting 6 a.m. ET, Thursday, December 8.)
  • Free download of Empire Earth Gold Edition (Deal available for 48 hours starting 6 a.m. ET, Monday, December 12.)
  • "Virtually" every game in the GOG catalog half-off (Deal begins Monday, December 12 and runs through January 2.)

Source: GOG

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