The Repopulation - environment graphics upgrade
The Repopulation is getting a graphics makeover according to the latest developer update. Above & Beyond Technologies has updated its website with a look at what happened during the month of November, and at the top of the list is a "major revamp to the character models" as well as new building and environment models.

Other milestones include the implementation of the game's weather system (including rain, snow, dust storms, sand storms, and meteor showers) and various combat and crafting abilities. Work also continues on the game's "awakening" sequence and starter/tutorial areas, with the goal being a more polished newbie experience than that of your typical non-linear title.

The Repopulation is a three-faction sci-fi sandbox with toggle-enabled action combat and a substantial crafting system. The game is scheduled to begin beta testing in 2012.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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