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The winners of the 2011 Engadget Awards -- Readers' Choice

Zach Honig

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The results for the 2011 Engadget Awards are in! With more than 250,000 total votes, the response this year has been tremendous -- and no, that's not just another name for the Galaxy Note, which garnered just 3.5 percent of tallies in the Smartphone category. Instead, the iPhone 4S took top prize for Smartphones, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S II as the runner up. The ASUS Zenbook was the first pick among this year's Laptops, with the Apple iMac besting the rest of 2011's Desktops. Canon and Nikon battled it out till the end, but the former eventually came out ahead, earning 17.9 percent of the Digital Camera vote for its T3i, while the Nikon D5100 represented a very respectable 17.6 percent. That's just a small sample of this year's top gadgets -- there are 15 categories in all, and we're crowning both Readers' and Editors' Choice winners for each. Jump past the break for an unabridged look at your selections for the 2011 Engadget Awards, and check back tomorrow for the Editors' Choice. And if you're wondering who came in almost-first place, you can find the runners up for each category in this week's issue of Engadget Distro.

Smartphone of the Year: Apple iPhone 4S

Laptop of the Year: ASUS Zenbook UX31

Desktop of the Year: Apple iMac

Tablet of the Year: Apple iPad 2

DNP Engadget Readers Choice Awards 2011

E-reader of the Year: Amazon Kindle Fire

Digital Camera of the Year: Canon EOS Rebel T3-i

Wearable Device of the Year: GoPro HD Hero 2

Game Console of the Year: Microsoft Xbox 360

DNP Engadget Readers Choice Awards 2011

HDTV of the Year: Samsung D8000 Plasma

DNP Engadget Readers Choice Awards 2011

Home Entertainment Product of the Year: Roku 2 XS

Audio Product of the Year: Samsung Galaxy Player

Transportation Product of the Year: Lamborghini Aventador

DNP Engadget Readers Choice Awards 2011

Peripheral of the Year: Microsoft Touch Mouse

Robot of the Year: Honda ASIMO

DNP Engadget Readers Choice Awards 2011

Worst Gadget of the Year: BlackBerry PlayBook

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