The term "Square Enix Tax" refers to the publisher's frequent tendency to price its games more than others on the same platform. Most of Square Enix's DS games retailed for $39.99, for example, and even the simplistic Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy carries a price of ¥6,090 ($79!) in Japan.

Even with that background, however, we were a bit surprised when the publisher released an iOS port of Taito's 1993 arcade shmup RayForce yesterday, with a price point of $11.99. It's not that the game doesn't appear to be worth it (the port looks great!) -- that's just more than we'd expect any publisher to attempt on the iOS market. Especially for a vintage game.

We're trying to be excited about this, Square! That price point is not helping.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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