You know what the world needed? Another port of Resident Evil 4. Seriously though, up until now Android users have been left out in the plagas-infested cold when it comes to Leon and Ashley's romp through rural Spain, which is a pretty sad thought when you consider that RE4 is available on everything from the iPhone to the Zeebo.

There is good news for the ultra-specific Resident Evil enthusiast, however, provided that they live in Korea and have an LTE-enabled Android device by LG. Yes, RE4 is finally coming to Google's little robot, but only on LG's LTE U+ Market ecosystem, which happens to exist exclusively in Korea. The port, which is likely itself a port of the iOS version, could eventually make its way to other Android devices, similar to how Street Fighter IV HD's limited-exclusivity situation keeps it on LG devices until May. For now though, the title is only available in Korea for ₩5,000, or $4.41.

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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