Like your phones tough? Casio's apparently crafted another hardy device and this one appears to be running Android Gingerbread. The unnamed device can handle ten-foot drops and ten meters of water, while scaring small children at the same time. Hiding under a bridge somewhere in Las Vegas, it somehow avoided our patrols of the CES showfloor. The rubberized smartphone holds on to those G-Shock looks, with nubs mimicking the layout of Casio's ubiquitous digital watch. Aside from the super-tough credentials emblazoned on the back of the device, other specs remain unknown. MyNavi reports that the device remains a concept at the moment, although Casio still seems more than happy to show off the phone on its Facebook page. Interested in another option besides those smartphone-friendly G-Shocks? You can peruse the source for a full gallery of the hardware.

[Thanks GreeKNastY]

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