Nokia accidentally reveals white Lumia 900

Did Nokia accidentally reveal the white Lumia 900?

It looks like it. It seems plenty of you were enraptured by that hypnotic white Lumia 800 we paid a visit to yesterday, but in all the glossy fun, Nokia accidentally revealed the above press shot -- a white Lumia 900. The picture was soon lifted from Nokia's Conversations blog, but it remains on its Facebook page, flashing an exposed micro-USB port and front-facing camera that identifies this snow-white slab as the Lumia 900 kind. The press shot also flashes a view of that non-curved glass front; it certainly looks like our wishes are coming true. Now we just have to wait and see if this color option is ready for that plausible March release date.

Update: Dave Zatz was apparently offered a choice of white or black models when discussing his Lumia 900 pre-order options at a Microsoft store. Maybe we'll see this one from launch.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]