Microsoft's finally unleashed its consumer preview of Windows 8 and while we're sure plenty of your questions were answered in our highly-detailed overview, nothing beats giving it a blast for yourself. So what are your thought so far? Is this the future destined for that Ultrabook you've had your eyes on? Let us know in our poll. And if you have even more thoughts, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.
Did you download Windows 8 preview?
Yes, I did. Metro is the future, all is well.13459 (21.3%)
Yep. I demand that my PC and phone match.2593 (4.1%)
Yes I did -- but I'm not a fan.9323 (14.8%)
No, I'm all about Lions and Macs, personally.6481 (10.3%)
No, Windows is an anachronism. And I troll. Hard.1408 (2.2%)
Nope. My puny PC doesn't pass the hardware muster.1779 (2.8%)
Not yet. I'm holding out to see if there's enough to play with before installing.15975 (25.3%)
No, and I ain't gonna.8965 (14.2%)
What's a Windows?3153 (5.0%)

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