There's been a fair amount of confusion about the data plans that'll accompany the 4G version of the iPad. The Verge got the definitive answer from AT&T and Verizon on each carrier's plans and whether it will offer mobile hotspot with the iPad. In a nutshell, Verizon offers a better value as it offers more plans and bundles mobile hotspot for free.

Verizon confirmed that it will offer four data plans for the new iPad including a 1 GB plan for US$20, a 2 GB plan for $30, a 5 GB for $50 and a 10 GB plan for $80. As noted above, each plan includes free mobile hotspot that draws off the data allotment.

AT&T will have three data plans which start at 250 MB for $14.99 with overage fees of $14.99 per 250MB. There's also a 3 GB plan for $30 and a 5 GB plan for $50. Overages on these last two plans are charged at the rate of $10 per 1 GB

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This article was originally published on Tuaw.