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Dirt 3 Complete Edition enters the race March 20

The Dirt 3 Complete Edition officially launches March 20 in North America, running (or racing) $40 for Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows. The Complete Edition contains more than $30 of additional content, which by our calculations means you're getting a 5,000 percent increase in value. Again, that's by our calculations, and we never said we were very good at mathing.

Codemasters' DiRT 3 Complete Edition Hits Stores on March 20

Codemasters today announced that DiRT 3 Complete Edition, a compendium box set that includes the critically acclaimed DiRT 3 and more than $30 of additional content, will be hitting North American stores on March 20th. From thrilling tracks in Asia and Monte Carlo to finely-tuned Gymkhana cars, DiRT 3 Complete Edition will thrill fans of the award winning off-road racer when it races into stores later this month.

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