Rampant Speculation Theatre presents: Microsoft registers XboxFL.com

Microsoft has registered XboxFL.com and XboxFL.net, according to whois records unearthed by the bloodhounds at Fusible. At the moment, both URLs redirect to Bing, though we highly doubt that will be the case forever. As is our way here on Rampant Speculation Theatre, we've got some wildly unlikely totally plausible guesses regarding the domains' potential purposes:
  • "XboxFL" actually stands for "Xbox Football League." The service will be a browser-based fantasy football simulator with heavy integration into both the console and Windows Phone versions of Xbox Live.
  • Alternatively, "FL" could stand for "Featured Losers," which would mean that XboxFL.com is an embarrassing hall of shame for Xbox Live users that performed far, far below average in that week's most popular games. Avatars are bound to wheels, Hunchback of Notre Dame style, while site visitors play sponsored flash games to pelt them with rotten fruits and dead rodents.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.