There's a new feature on personalized news app Zite today. It's a new program for publishers to to add their content to the app in separate sections that can be ad supported. Partners for the launch include CNN (which owns Zite), The Daily Beast, Motley Fool, the Next Web, Fox Sports, The Huffington Poat and Venture Beat.

Each publisher can have its own section within the app, and articles that appear will still utilize the Zite recommendation algorithm.

The major benefit of this new feature is to publishers. With Zite as it is, there is no guarantee content would appear within Zite. There is also some benefit for Zite users, because they can be assured content from publications that interest them will appear. The new features should go live today. Users can opt out of any of these new sections, and Zite will work as it did before this update.

Zite is a free universal app for iOS devices. I'm quite addicted to Zite and use it multiple times per day. Try the news features and let us know what you think.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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