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Epic considered Bulletstorm sequel, but found project that's a 'better fit' for People Can Fly

During a post-panel interview at PAX East, Epic Games president Mike Capps admitted he thought about letting People Can Fly loose on a Bulletstorm sequel. He even admitted that there had been some "initial development" completed on a sequel.

"We thought a lot about a sequel, and had done some initial development on it, but we found a project that we thought was a better fit for People Can Fly," Capps told Gamespot. "We haven't announced that yet, but we will be announcing it pretty soon." He may be referring to the new PC-exclusive title that Cliff Bleszinski revealed was in development.

In regards to the possibility of a sequel, Capps said he'd have no problem producing a second Bulletstorm game. "I'd love to go back [to Bulletstorm]," he said. "I think there's more to do with Bulletstorm. Heck, it kind of ended wanting more. I'd love to see another project, but right now we don't have anything to talk about."