Aion adds map-drawing functionality, smiley-faces ensue

Aion - map drawing
Much has been written about Aion's humongous 3.0 patch (and there's much more to come courtesy of Massively's Wings Over Atreia column). One thing that hasn't gotten a lot of attention, though, is the game's new cartography feature.

In a nutshell, NCsoft's new update lets players draw on Aion's in-game map in four different colors, the better to plan out PvP attacks, strategize for PvE, or even show a newb exactly where to go.

What's that? This isn't some ground-breaking new MMO feature, you say? Well, you're right. It's pretty cool, though, and we'll also point out that unlike the similar functionality in Guild Wars and third-party World of Warcraft mods, your Atreian cartographic masterworks may be saved, loaded, and passed around amongst members of your group, legion (which is Aion-speak for guild), or alliance.
This article was originally published on Massively.