Must See HDTV (April 16th - 22nd)

One of the better sci-fi shows of late begins its final season on Syfy tonight as we take our final trip back to Global Dynamics' favorite research facility. We'll try not to let knowing it's all coming to an end soon dampen our enjoyment.
(April 16th, Syfy, 9PM)

Parks & Recreation
Originally conceived as a spin-off of The Office, Parks & Recreation had a rough start but has now surpassed the originator of its mockumentary style. It comes back form a brief midseason break this week, and not a moment too soon. All we're saying is, if Aziz ansari really did work in a small-town Indiana parks & rec, we'd get in on the ground floor of any new startup he founded.
(April 19th, 9:30PM, NBC)

Frozen Planet
The Discovery / BBC quest to the actual ends of the Earth wraps up this week with a final, and somewhat controversial, episode focusing on climate change. It's probably impossible to top Planet earth, but what we've seen of this nature documentary has put it above the recent Life series on our lists. Of course, another option is to snag the David Attenborough-narrated BBC version this week instead. Your choice.
(April 22nd, 8PM, Discovery -- $34.99 on Amazon)

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