Spotify held an event in New York this week to make a "special announcement," and unfortunately, it wasn't about anything having to do with the streaming music service's long awaited iPad app. It was, instead, about some deal that they're making with Coke, which will start off as some sort of branded apps.

Anyway, nobody really cares about all of that (or at least, it's up to Spotify and Coke to make people care -- the marketing budget probably has plenty of money slated in it for just that reason). Nope the thing everyone wanted to know about was the iPad app, and founder Daniel Ek confirmed that it is still "in the works." Unfortunately, that's all he said about that.

Spotify actually won our 2011 choice award for best music app on the iPhone, so it's not too surprising that we can't wait to see the iPad version. Hopefully it'll be along soon.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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