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EVE Online's CSM 7 looks toward the future, opens communication

Matt Daniel , @MVMatt
EVE Online's CSM 7 took office earlier this month on April 4th, and the Council of Stellar Management is now officially in business. Today, the members of the CSM have released a letter outlining their plans and philosophies for the future. They first take the opportunity to announce their CSM officer choices, revealing Seleene as the CSM Chairman, Trebor Daehdoow as Vice-Chairman, Two Step as the CSM Secretary, and Hans Jagerblitzen as Vice-Secretary.

The letter then takes a moment to address the upcoming CSM 7 summit, which will be taking place between May 30th and June 1st. The CSM members note that "the summit will be a major opportunity to provide community input as CCP develops [its] plans for the Winter Expansion," and they encourage players to make their voices heard. But how? Well, the letter states that "one thing that CSM 7 will be doing differently than past CSMs is directly communicating with the players as much as possible" through a variety of media, including in-game chat, the CSM member blog, Twitter, and monthly Town Hall meetings, the first of which will be taking place in-game on May 19th. So get out there, players. Now's your chance to make your voices heard and to shape the future of the EVE Online galaxy.