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Few gaming features can claim such vastly different implementations as crafting. To the disappointment of dedicated MMO crafters, few games offer in-depth systems. Even worse, when trade skill systems are present, they are often near pointless as mass-produced generic goods or superior loot drops destroy the market. Not so for The Repopulation -- Above and Beyond Technologies just unveiled details of the game's in-depth crafting system mentioned in the End of May report.

First and foremost, crafting will be a primary game type; crafters can succeed in their trade without combat. The system will also be very in-depth, involving tools and commanding players' attention in order to succeed.

One of the more unique features is the crafting board: Instead of crafters tossing their wares into an auction house, customers post their order, including specifications and price, for crafters to fill. Also, due to the grade system, recipes gathered on the first day will still be valuable years later. Although not unique, harvesting is another interesting feature as necessary ingredients can be gained by manually gathering nodes, placing a structure, or extracting from kills.

For more information, check out the full announcement.

[Source: Above and Beyond Technologies press release]

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