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TUAW TV Live pre-keynote community chat


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Happy Dub-Dub-Dee-Cee Day! All of us here at TUAW are breathlessly anticipating what words will trickle from the lips of the like of Tim Cook, Scott Forestall, and Phil Schiller in just a few short hours. To build up the anticipation, we're having a special edition of TUAW TV Live and would love for you to join in on an IRC chat.

Joining me today for an hour of chat about what exciting things might be appearing from Apple is Erica Sadun, who will also be running our metaliveblog of the keynote at 1 PM ET today.

Today's video stream is an experiment -- we'll be using an embedded YouTube stream so this will not be visible on Ustream or You can watch the event here or by viewing the tuawvideo channel on YouTube. As for the live chat, feel free to use the embedded chat client below or your favorite IRC client. Join us in the #tuaw chatroom on, where Kevin Avila (eddienull) will be moderating.

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