If we could get apatch that removes Tatooine from the game, that'd be kind of nice.
The newest patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic is just around the corner. Specifically, it's aimed at next Tuesday, following an extended maintenance period on the servers. So with the fruits of the design team's labor on the close horizon, it might be interesting to get a better insight into the design process with this week's community question-and-answer session, which includes a walkthrough of the process leading to the design of a new armor set.

For those wondering about how loot is randomly rolled, the answers also contain a detailed breakdown of the process for determining what an enemy will drop. There's also confirmation that players can expect more character slots in the future, which is certainly good news for any players already feeling the pinch from recent character transfers. Take a look at the full list of answers, and as always, you can submit your questions for next week on the official thread.

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