Rumor: 'Leviathan' is coming in future Mass Effect 3 DLC

It feels like it was only yesterday that Mass Effect 3 producer Mike Gamble teased a new installment of DLC for the final game in BioWare's epic trilogy (oh wait, it was). Rather than wait for official word, some crafty folks from the BioWare Social Network cracked open the Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut DLC and found a file that may shed light on upcoming content for the game. Reportedly, what they found makes reference to a character by the name of "Leviathan."

While the file in question didn't describe Commander Shepard summoning an enormous water serpent to his crew's aid (we wish!), it noted that Leviathan is a traitorous Reaper that indoctrinated a Batarian colony for an entire decade.

Whether details on this DLC pack are legitimate remains to be seen. As always, we advise taking leaks like this with a grain of red sand. Joystiq has contacted BioWare to get their side of the quest line.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.