MechWarrior Online
Piranha Games showcased its first video dev diary for MechWarrior Online just yesterday, but that isn't stopping the company from offering more peeks at its upcoming free-to-play game. Today the studio revealed the newest environment for mech battle fans: the Frozen City.

This new area offers some special advantages and disadvantages. One benefit of the cold is that mechs will take longer to overheat, but ice also causes a loss of traction. The dynamic, unpredictable weather will affect visibility and force players to rely on teammates.

MechWarrior Online also released the results for its most popular commander names survey; Wolf beat out all other names with nearly double the registered names (20.5%) as next closest competitor, Cat. Why is the name so popular? Some theorize that there's a historical connection to the Wolf's Dragoons elite mercenary force, which was introduced in the first edition of the original board game.

Take a look at the Frozen City in the video after the cut and head over to the official forums to check out what other pilot names people are picking.

[Source: MechWarrior Online press release]

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