Total War: Rome 2 marches to PC in 2013

Total War Rome 2 marches to PC in 2013
Yes, the rumors are true: Creative Assembly's next game is Total War: Rome 2, a sequel to the studio's 2004 strategy game. The PC exclusive is set to launch sometime in 2013.

Creative Assembly studio communications manager Al Bickham walked me through a very brief demo for Total War: Rome 2, the siege of Carthage. The goal for Total War: Rome 2 is to let players rewrite history in the single-player campaign mode, which lets them conquer the globe as they see fit. But Bickam promised me "more detail to each man" in skirmishes for the sequel, and a more cinematic and epic experience.

Total War: Rome 2 will also transition seamlessly between battles at sea and on land. During my 10 minute overview of the game, I witnessed giant boats carrying Roman soldiers onto the beach, where they hastily assembled siege towers and scaled the massive walls of Carthage. A free camera provided a top-down overview with a map, provided you don't opt into seeing the action at ground level. What I saw was still very early in development, consisting of pre-alpha gameplay with no UI elements and large chunks of Carthage appearing incomplete.

Bickham wasn't too chatty about what's planned for Total War: Rome 2, citing its relative infancy in development, but he did say the game hopes to highlight "the value of one man" on the battlefield.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.