The Secret World - crab boss thing
Ragnar Tornquist has taken to The Secret World forums to deliver the title's inaugural state-of-the-game post. It's an exciting read for fans of Funcom's horror/conspiracy MMO, as he hints at quite a few updates and surprises waiting in the wings.

"We're going to be releasing fresh and tasty new content to our subscribers on a regular, monthly basis," Tornquist says, before going on to explain that Funcom's version of fresh and tasty includes monthly mission packs. New investigation, action, and sabotage missions are in the works, all of them featuring full voice, cutscenes, and media pop-ups.

Improved character customization options are incoming, as is TSW's first raid (apparently set in New York City). Oh, did we mention new weapon types and a new PvP dungeon in a new geographical area? Yeah, that's coming too. So is a dungeon finder tool, seasonal events, and "two large, new and incredibly exciting adventure zones."

Still not satisfied? OK, how about new pets and new social functionality designed to "allow roleplayers and would-be thespians to spread their wings?" We think that just about covers it, but in case we missed something, check out the full letter on TSW forums.

This article was originally published on Massively.