Star Trek Online shows off the new Tholian Lock Box

Ensign, your first duty is to find out who thought mustard would look good on the ship's hull and shoot the offender.
Fair warning for those of you who hate the Star Trek Online lock boxes: There's no good news for you in this post. Those of you who do like the system (or at least aren't actively unfond of it) will be glad to know that the release of Season 6 is bringing along a new box, complete with new rewards. That includes four new ships (the Tholian Orb Weaver and three mirror universe versions of existing ships) along with new cross-faction consoles and new duty officers.

Players can also be rewarded with new purple-quality Phased Tetryon weapons or Fleet Credits to accelerate progress on fleet starbase projects. The lock box also contains a wider variety of crystals, ensuring that even if you don't get the drop you want, you can at least get something of worth. While the rewards won't please any fans of the game who dislike the existing box system, there's at least a variety of nice prizes within the box.
This article was originally published on Massively.