Odelay! Beck conributing three new tracks to Sound Shapes

Odelay! Beck penning three new tracks for Sound Shapes
The synaesthetic platforming of Sound Shapes is getting bolstered by three tracks from pseudo country/hip-hop/folk/whatever artist Beck, Billboard reports. "Cities," "Spiral Staircases," and "Touch the People" will apparently each get their own levels in this August's PlayStation 3/Vita game. All three tracks are brand new for Sound Shapes, rather than from Beck's lengthy discography.

Beck joins co-developer I Am Robot and Proud (Shaw-Han Liem), Sworcery composer Jim Guthrie, and notoriously game-centric DJ Deadmau5 on the game's soundtrack, which, like, it's gonna be a super good soundtrack, right? We totally agree.

When the Deadmau5 collaboration was announced, Queasy Games told us that his tracks weren't just implemented into game levels, but also part of the game's level editor, allowing players to break apart the track and use it to create a soundscape behind the platforming. It stands to reason that Beck's tracks will also get this functionality, making this news all the more thrilling.

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.