EverQuest II decorators, prepare to strut your stuff

EverQuest II screenshot
With a housing feature as robust as EverQuest II's, players can create a multitude of original spaces. To highlight the abundant creative decorating skills of EQII players, Sony Online Entertainment is bringing back the Norrathian Homeshow.

If you think your place deserves a spotlight tour on the official website, snap some flattering screenshots capturing the best of your creation (sans UI of course) and send it via email to homeshow@soe.sony.com along with character name, server, and title of the home or dungeon. Players should also add a general description of the place as well as caption each screenshot.

For full details on how to submit your home, check out the official announcement. Selected entries will be featured in a future Norrathian Homeshow.
This article was originally published on Massively.