Rumor: Image from next-generation Kinect sensor leaked

Rumor Images from nextgeneration Kinect sensor leaked
The above image represents the body-tracking capabilities of the next generation of Kinect technology, according to purported Durango devkit owner DaE. Eurogamer declined to comment on the veracity of the image, but claims the owner is known to have a devkit for the next Xbox console.

The image shows a more accurate outline of two tracked bodies than the current Kinect can, including the ability to see fingers against clothing. The existence of this image suggests not just that new Kinect technology is being tested – it suggests that new Kinect technology will be bundled with, or sold alongside, the next Xbox. That squares with the leaked "Xbox 720" doc recently unearthed – and with common sense, given Kinect sales.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.