Dolby Digital Plus coming soon to tablets, we go earson video

Whenever we review tablets, the section on audio quality is usually short, and it usually goes something like this: "The quality is tinny and the volume is low, especially since the speakers are located on the back side." (Translation: "What did you expect, people?") That's a shame, given how tablets are supposedly ideal for content consumption. Fortunately, though, this is something Dolby's been working on. The company is bringing a new version of its Digital Plus technology to tablets, phones and laptops with the aim of enhancing sound quality, and also making movie dialog easier to make out. In the demo video embedded after the break, for instance, that Galaxy Tab is cranked to full volume, but it's still hard to follow along with The Incredibles. With Digital Plus turned on, the conversation is easier to hear, and you can also parse background noises, like a phone ringing in an office.

Right now, the technology is compatible with Windows 7, Win 8 and Android. Dolby says the software is specially tuned for each device, and it's up to OEMs to license the technology, so don't hold your breath for an app you can download on your own. For now, we don't know of any devices with Digital Plus, but a Dolby rep told us the first should be announced within the coming months. So, what you'll see in the video after the break isn't some unannounced product but rather, an older Samsung tablet rigged to run the software as a demo. Oh, and the UI is apparently not final, so don't put too much stock in the way the app looks. Anyway, have a listen and let us know if you can hear the difference.

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