Venus Rising - Centaur
What's better than an orgy-filled MMORPG? How about an orgy-filled MMORPG that doesn't have orgy in the title so that you can keep the fact that you're playing it on the down-low?

FoxySoft wants you to know that it has re-christened the game formerly known as Orgia Romanus. The new name is Venus Rising, but there's still a focus on adult content that the firm's press release likens to that of Red Light Center and portions of Second Life.

A playable Orgia Romanus demo is coming your way on December 1st. The build will feature "inter-character relationships, economy, combat, and sample quests." More info is available via FoxySoft's website.

[Source: FoxySoft press release]

This article was originally published on Massively.